Fastest time during the 1st Friday practice in 2000 - Michael Schumacher - 1:21.982

Spanish GP - 1st Friday Practice Session

Session over with David Coulthard fastest over 0.4 seconds ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. Ralf Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen and Olivier Panis make the top 6.

59 min: Olivier Panis also stops on the track! 

58 min: There are a lot of cars on the track but no improvement on the times. 

55 min: 5 minutes to go and the top 6 cars are already faster than the fastest time set here last year on Friday.

54 min: Jenson Button has improved to 21st and is sandwiched between the 2 Minardis.

52 min: Montoya moves into 7th place with a time of 1:22.020.

51 min: Juan Pablo Montoya is on the track and is looking set to improve his time.

50 min: Top 10 - Coulthard (1:20.388), Barrichello, M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Hakkinen, Panis, Trulli, Frentzen, Heidfeld and Raikkonen.

48 min: Jacques Villeneuve runs into yet another mechanical failure. His car is stopped at the end of the pit lane.

47 min: Jenson Button is running last with a time of 1:26.052 even slower than Tarso Marques in the Minardi. Giancarlo Fisichella is in 18th place.

46 min: Ralf Schumacher improves to 4th on new tyres. His time was 1:21.259.

45 min: Olivier Panis moves into 5th with a time of 1:22.116.

44 min: Rubens Barrichello goes through the gravel trap but recovers. 

42 min: Top 10 - Coulthard (1:20.388), Barrichello, M Schumacher, Hakkinen, Trulli, Frentzen, Heidfeld, R Schumacher, Raikkonen and Irvine.

40 min: Not much action at this stage. Coulthard's time is very impressive though!

39 min: Luciano Burti driving the Prost for the first time is in 16th while his team-mate Jean Alesi is in 14th place.

38 min: Ralf Schumacher is the fastest of the Michelin runners in 8th, Irvine is in 10th and Montoya in 12th.

37 min: Mika Hakkinen improves to 1:21.265, still in 4th and almost 0.9 seconds slower than Coulthard.

36 min: Mika Hakkinen moves into 4th with a time of 1:21.443. Panis sets a non competitive time of 2:08.265!

35 min: Top 10 - Coulthard (1:20.388), Barrichello, M Schumacher, Trulli, Frentzen, Heidfeld, R Schumacher, Raikkonen, Irvine and Montoya.

34 min: Mika Hakkinen set the fastest first sector time but backed off. His time is 1:28.693 and ranked 21st!

33 min: Mika Hakkinen on track. Villeneuve improves in 10th place.

32 min: Interesting to see Kimi Raikkonen in 7th!

31 min: Olivier Panis starts his first timed lap this session.

30 min: Enrique Bernoldi in the Arrows is 11th fastest while his team-mate Verstappen is 19th!

29 min: Mika Hakkinen and Olivier Panis have yet to set competitive times.

28 min: Heinz Harald Frentzen goes off into the gravel. Session over for him.

27 min: Juan Pablo Montoya spins but recovers. Rubens Barrichello takes 2nd from Michael with a time of 1:20.823.

26 min: Heinz Harald Frentzen moves into 5th with a time of 1:22.221. Just under 2 seconds off the pace of Coulthard.

25 min: Top 10 - Coulthard (1:20.388), M Schumacher, Barrichello, Trulli, R Schumacher, Raikkonen, Irvine, Montoya, Alesi and Villeneuve.

24 min: Rubens Barrichello moves into 3rd while Montoya is in 7th.

23 min: Michael Schumacher sets a time of 1:20.992 over half a second short of Coulthard's time. The psychological war is starting early!

22 min: Barrichello and Montoya are on the track.

22 min: Top 6 - Coulthard, Trulli, R Schumacher, Irvine, Alesi and Villeneuve.

21 min: Michael Schumacher finally goes out on his installation lap.

20 min: Jarno Trulli and Ralf Schumacher move into 2nd and 3rd but much slower than Coulthard.

19 min: David Coulthard goes fastest with a time of 1:20.388 - Stunning! This is faster than pole last year already!!

18 min: Pedro de la Rosa improves but is over a second slower than Irvine.

17 min: Luciano Burti is on the track for the first time for Prost.

16 min: Top 6 - Irvine, Villeneuve, de la Rosa, Alonso, Heidfeld, Marques.

15 min: Irvine goes fastest ahead of Villeneuve.

14 min: Nick Heidfeld is also on the track and so is David Coulthard.

13 min: Pedro de la Rosa goes fastest with a time of 1:24.497.

12 min: Fernando Alonso improves to 1:25.291. Irvine and Villeneuve are on the track.

11 min: Pedro de la Rosa driving for Jaguar for the first time this season as a regular driver is out on his first timed lap.

10 min: Tarso Marques sets a time of 1:26.706.

9 min: Fernando Alonso sets a time of 1:25.697.

8 min: Fernando Alonso goes out on his first timed lap. His team-mate Tarso Marques follows. 

7 min: This is the circuit that teams have data on the most and even though this year there was a ban on testing 4 weeks prior to the race, we don't expect to see a lot of action during practice. 

6 min: Ferrari have yet to go out on the track. 

5 min: Mika Hakkinen stayed out on the track and set a time of 1:38.014. This is very slow and is not a serious time. 

3 min: Drivers who went out at the start are now returning back to the pits while the 2 McLarens go out on their installation laps. 

1 min: Drivers usually go out for 1 lap for an initial car shakedown and then make the necessary adjustments. 

Session starts and several drivers go out on their installation lap headed by Fernando Alonso and Enrique Bernoldi. 

The general feeling among the teams is that traction control will not significantly reduce lap times on the faster track but could have an effect on slower tracks such as Monaco. Session starting in 5 minutes.  

This will be the first time in more than 7 years that we will see traction control during an official practice session for a Grand Prix. All the teams conducted extensive testing of their systems last week. Session starting in 10 minutes.

Session starting at 11:00 AM local time. That is 9:00 AM GMT, click here for the local time at Barcelona now